The best charcoal barbecues: Reviews by Consumer reports 2022

If you are faced with the difficult decision of choosing the barbecue that is best for you, look no further, the charcoal barbecue is the must. However, finding the best barbecue for you is hard enough without so many options on the market. That’s why we’ve put together this guide to take a deeper look at what you should look for in a charcoal grill, to give you the best chance of meeting your ideal cooking companion. Besides, if you’re here, you already have a vague idea of ​​the type of barbecue you’re looking for.

So, let’s take a look at the best charcoal barbecues on the market. But before giving the points to watch and our ranking take advantage of the best promotions not to be missed on charcoal barbecues.

Buying guide: How to choose your charcoal barbecue? Important criteria


Buying a charcoal barbecue, or even any type of barbecue, without reading a little buying guide means missing out on little tips and advice for use. So, so that you can’t miss it all, here are the questions, tips, advice and facts that revolve around charcoal barbecues.

Decide on the size of the barbecue

If you plan to cook for large groups of people, you will need a larger barbecue. On the other hand, if you only plan to cook for a small group of people, a smaller barbecue will suffice.

Consider the shape of the barbecue.

Some are round, while others are square or rectangular. There are also L-shaped barbecues. Choose the shape that best suits your needs. Choose the shape that best suits your needs.

Choose good materials

Some are made of steel, while others are made of cast iron or ceramic. We recommend looking for a thick metal grill. Not only will it resist rust, but it will retain heat better. Shake it to make sure it is stable and firmly on the ground, and it will not be easy to knock over.

Consider the price

The price of barbecues can vary from a few hundred euros to several thousand euros. Our ranking recommends the best charcoal barbecues of the moment with a good value for money.

Consider the features of the barbecue.

Some have side shelves, others have warming racks or rotisseries. Here are a few things to look at:

Wheels: You want at least two to make it easier to move the grill from place to place. Of course, it is difficult to find a barbecue with only one wheel and yet it exists.

Lid: Check that the lid fits snugly to prevent heat from escaping. It is imperative if you want to have a good cooking and that good old smoky taste.

Vents: There should be vents at the top and bottom to allow you to control the amount of air entering the barbecue, helping you manage the temperature of the grill.

Ash Catcher: To make cleaning easier, you should look for a bin, which is a tray under the grill to clean the ashes.

Consider the warranty

Some barbecues come with a limited warranty. Choose the one that offers the best coverage.

Consider the brand

There are many different brands of charcoal grills on the market. Do some research to find out which ones have a good reputation. If you want to be completely satisfied, we recommend the Weber brand.

Here is a video that sums up the criteria for choosing a charcoal barbecue and also talks about electric or gas barbecues.

What style of barbecue to buy?


There are three main types of charcoal grill or barbecue: the kettle, the ceramic and the barrel.

The ceramic grill is the most expensive, as it uses a non-stick, non-crack material that reacts brilliantly to heat. If you manage to get a good price on a ceramic charcoal grill, then grab it!

Kettle style barbecue is generally the term used for small barbecues. They tend to be rounded with a belly you can fill with charcoal, and they also tend to stand on a tripod or four-legged system.

The final style is the charcoal barbecue barrel style . This is the longest form you might expect to find in a professional institution >

How to clean your barbecue?

Above all, you need to remember that the more you take care of your grill, the more it will take care of you with a lifetime of delicious meals. So a few basic questions: Is meat sticking to your grill? Are ashes and heavy smoke common? Does the food taste smoky or burnt? If you answered yes to any of these questions, it’s probably time to clean your grill. So, how to do ?

Routine care and maintenance

Every time you grill, you should do routine cleaning. Always refer to the manufacturer’s guide for specific care, but follow these general guidelines.

Gas grills have a removable tray that collects drippings and grease. If not cleaned regularly, grease can catch fire, causing smoke and flames and giving your food an “off” flavor. Remove the tray and scrape grease and debris directly into a trash can. For safety, do this only when the grill is off and completely cold. If it is very dirty, wash it in warm soapy water.

If your charcoal grill is equipped with an ash catcher like most charcoal barbecues, empty it before lighting. A clean ash catcher provides adequate air circulation. Good ventilation is essential for the charcoal to burn – without it, your fire won’t stay lit. Ashes also absorb moisture, which can cause rust. To be on the safe side, you must ensure that the ashes are completely extinguished before disposing of them.

  • Use a grill brush

A stiff wire brush is a necessity for maintaining your cooking grates. Before placing food on the grill, preheat it for 15 minutes with the lid closed. The high heat will burn off any residue and turn it to ash. Brush off the ashes with your grill brush, then grill according to your recipe instructions. After cooking, scrape the grates again with a brush while they are still hot. Replace your grill brush once a year.

  • Seasonal deep cleaning

After each cooking season, give your grill a thorough clean so it’s in top condition for next year. Start by gathering the necessary cleaning tools: a grill brush, a scraper, a fine steel wool pad, a sponge and some clean rags.

To clean a charcoal grill, remove the grates first. Using steel wool, gently rub them with a mixture of vinegar and baking soda. Leave this mixture on for at least 1 hour, then rinse and pat dry.

Next, remove old coals and ashes from the cookbox using a spoon or shovel. To ensure the coals are completely extinguished and cooled, close the grill lid for at least 48 hours after cooking before continuing. Discarding coals that are not completely extinguished can cause a fire. Use a grill brush to scrub loose debris along the bottom and sides of the cookbox and inside the lid. Gently scrub the outside of the grill with a sponge and warm soapy water, then wipe it dry. Now that your grill is in tip-top shape, it’s time for the hard part: deciding what to grill first!


Frequently Asked Questions:

If you’re ready to join the legions of dedicated charcoal grill fans, whatever your reason, here’s what you need to know.

What are the best cheap prices to buy a charcoal barbecue?

The good news for fans of the charcoal barbecue is that the prices are really very correct. Indeed you can find good charcoal barbecues between 70€ and 90 euros. there are many promotions and our Ebuyclub service regularly offers Cdiscount , Boulanger , Darty etc. promo codes to buy a good charcoal barbecue cheaper on the web.

Are charcoal barbecues difficult to clean?

Whichever version you buy, you’ll have to deal with ash and buildup, so anything that makes this process a little easier will be welcome. Be especially wary of small barbecues that you have to turn over to empty them.

What are the necessary additional accessories that you can buy additionally?

Lighting a charcoal grill can be a bit tricky. There are charcoal grills and barbecues with small propane panels at the bottom to help you light your coals. Which can be useful on days when you don’t feel like turning your dinner into production and want to speed up the process.

Alternatively, you can get a charcoal fireplace and it’s a quick, lighter, liquid-free way to heat your charcoals. You fill this hollow metal cylinder with charcoal, place it on your grill, and use newspaper or lighter cubes to heat your charcoal. Then, transfer the hot coals to your barbecue and cook your food.

Conclusion: Which charcoal barbecue to choose?

To conclude, now that you know everything about charcoal barbecues and you know the best charcoal barbecues as a bonus, it’s up to you to choose yours. You can bet on practicality with the ACTIVA-Barbecue or you can opt for real performance with the Weber Compact Kettle . In any case, take into account everything you need to know about barbecues using charcoal and you will have the best barbecue for your grilling.

A note on security? We advise you not to put charcoal barbecues on wooden patio surfaces for safety reasons. Don’t turn your building into a giant inferno and stick to the rules. Safety first!

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