The best corded and cordless electric chainsaws: Reviews by Consumer reports 2022

For felling, pruning or delimbing your trees, you need a good performance electric chainsaw; but you hesitate between the different models available on the market. You do not know what to choose taking into account the need and especially the budget.

You will find through this comprehensive guide a selective list of the 6 best and most popular electric chainsaws on the market. You will also find some important information there, such as the different selection criteria to be taken into account when buying such a device, then the practical details that should be mastered for optimal use of the chainsaw.

What is an electric chainsaw?

Considered a variant of the axe, the electric chainsaw, also known as a motorized saw, is a machine that is used to cut wood, prune branches or fell trees not only with less effort, but above all in a Record time. It is often used by gardeners and sometimes by lumberjacks or even by farmers.

Thus, the electric chainsaw is the electric version of the thermal chainsaw. It can be wireless or wired and has the particularity of being silent, but very efficient. Also, it requires less maintenance or requires almost no maintenance like its thermal variant.

Also, cordless models of electric chainsaws are very easy to use and less bulky given the absence of cables or electrical wires. It therefore allows work to be carried out in any position, even at height, without any obstruction.

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How to choose your electric chainsaw? Important criteria

As with the choice of any device, it is important to master the essential characteristics or the different criteria so as not to regret your investment. Therefore, to choose the right electric chainsaw, the following criteria must be well explored:

The type of work:

The chainsaw is used to perform several types of work such as felling, pruning, limbing, cutting up, splitting, etc. Even if in some cases the chainsaw is used to replace other devices, it must however be recognized that it fulfills these different roles perfectly.

So, for tree felling work, it is worth resorting to a fairly powerful electric chainsaw. If it’s about removing branches from tree trunks, you need a compact model that’s easy to handle. For debitage work, small, very light models are recommended.

As for pruning, it is recommended to use more appropriate tools such as chainsaw-pruner, pole pruner and others for greater safety.


Electric chainsaws are very popular given the fact that they are often quiet, very handy and less polluting than thermal chainsaws. Within the electric chainsaws themselves, there is a categorization to take into account: models with battery and models to be plugged into a mains socket.

Even if the cordless models therefore with batteries are very practical and manageable, it must be recognized that they often do not have the same power levels as the corded models. Their autonomy is also often limited. Wire models, on the other hand, are often bulky and do not facilitate certain movements.

Cutting length:

The cutting length is one of the most decisive criteria for the acquisition of an electric chainsaw. This criterion is based on an essential element that can confirm the effectiveness of the tool. This is actually the diameter of the wood to be cut.

Its importance comes from the fact that it depends on the length of the chain guide that is needed for the execution of the work. The cutting length must therefore be greater than or equal to the diameter of the trunk to be felled. But ideally it should be greater than the diameter.

The type of chain:

This criterion also should not be overlooked. It relies on the profile of a gouge which in turn is determined by the shape of the gouge. It is important to master these different specificities because they allow the user to successfully complete his mission, especially if it is for professional use.

Although some cutter profiles are versatile, it should be remembered that others are suitable for a specific type of wood (hardwood, softwood, etc.). This categorization leads to 3 types of profiles including:

  • he square profile  : also known as Low Kickback is recommended for cutting hard wood. This profile does not necessarily give the best performance, but offers more security than the round profile. At Oregon, this profile is called chisel or super chisel and at Stilh, it is called super. The chisel is not easy to sharpen, but unfortunately it dulls too quickly.
  • The round profile  : Unlike the first, this profile is very easy to sharpen and is more recommended for soft woods. Its use on hard wood requires more skill. He is known as shipper at Oregon and Standard at Stilh.
  • The half-round  profile: this profile is the intermediary between the square profile and the round profile. Called speed guard at Oregon and micro at Stilh, the half-round profile inherits everything that is advantageous in the two profiles from which it comes. Thus, this profile executes with great success all the cuts for which it is used, regardless of the power of the chainsaw. It therefore intervenes both in the cutting of hard wood (oak, acacia, etc.) and in the cutting of soft wood (fir, etc.).


The choice of devices or machines is a priori made on the basis of the use that one wishes to make of them. This is also the case when buying an electric chainsaw. It should be noted that the latter will be limited for certain types of work, including cutting, felling or maintenance requiring more power.

In this case, it is advisable to move towards the acquisition of a thermal chainsaw suitable for these types of tasks. But, if it is simply a question of maintenance or occasional cutting, small cutting jobs, the electric models with a chain guide of 30 cm to 40 cm will do the trick.

The type of wood:

This criterion should not be neglected insofar as the use of a chainsaw which is not suitable for carrying out work on a particular type of wood risks damaging the chainsaw. Whether hardwood or softwood, your choice should be based on these two (2) sub-criteria.

For cutting hardwood, for example, opt for a very powerful chainsaw. The wire model would therefore be adequate.


It is important that the grip of the chainsaw is really pleasant to make cutting easier for the user. Therefore, it requires a soft and comfortable handle, an acceptable weight to facilitate work in almost any position even at height. An anti-vibration system to avoid certain inconveniences.

The price :

If all these previous criteria have been analyzed and taken into account, the purchase decision is then based on only one criterion: the price. And generally, the price criterion is also a function of the quality of the machine. However, it can happen to come across a chainsaw whose price is really high, but its quality is average. To afford an electric chainsaw, depending on the range chosen, it is necessary to plan between 100 € and 400 € or even more.

What are the types of existing electric chainsaw?

There are two different types of chainsaws considering their power source. We will thus retain the battery chainsaws on the one hand and the wire chainsaws on the other hand.

The cordless battery-powered electric chainsaw

Still called cordless chainsaw, the battery chainsaw as its name suggests is equipped with a rechargeable battery. It is intended for certain types of specific work such as cutting branches. It has both advantages and disadvantages.


  • suitable for performing gardening work
  • low noise level
  • Lightweight with high precision and efficiency
  • Ease of cutting with its smooth chain
  • Works without any vibration


  • Requires proper charging before use
  • Not suitable for cutting logs over 20 cm
  • Sometimes requires manual chain lubrication

Corded electric chainsaw

This type of chainsaw is equipped with an electric wire or cable that is plugged into a power outlet to operate the machine. It is often highly appreciated by professionals given its power.


  • Ideal for cutting large diameter trunks
  • Very powerful chainsaw
  • Absence of battery-related faults


  • Electrical cord not long enough

What are the best electric chainsaw brands?

It is essential to have a good idea of ​​the different brands of chainsaws, especially the best brands or the most reputable ones. Indeed, the reputation of a brand is a factor that heavily influences the acquisition of an electric chainsaw. So let’s go and discover some of the most famous brands.


Of German origin, this brand with the slogan ”  Technologies for life  ” created by Robert Bosch in 1886 was born in the city of Stuttgart. Recognized worldwide for the quality of its equipment, the brand has really diversified in several areas and is positioned not only in the field of gardening with its models of chainsaws, hedge trimmers, plant shredders to name but a few. there, but also in the field of DIY, automotive, etc. Its products are recognizable from afar by their dark green design.

Black & Decker

American brand specializing in gardening and DIY tools. It is internationally renowned for the quality of its products and especially for the quality of its battery-powered chainsaws. The brand has conquered both individuals and professionals with the distribution strategy of its generally mid-range motorized saws.


Of Japanese origin and internationally renowned, Ryobi is a brand that benefits from the power of the TechTronic Industries group recognized for its equipment aimed at the general public and then at professionals and industrialists. To do this, the price of Ryobi chainsaws goes with the range of its high-end products. It has positioned itself in the field of portable power.


Japan is back again and this time with the Makita brand, owner since 1991 of the German brand Dolmar. The latter has since 1927 made its first sale of thermal chainsaw. The brand’s specialty is to bring tools to the market at affordable prices, but of very high quality. However, its professional-oriented chainsaw models are undoubtedly very efficient, but also very solid.


Certainly the name of this brand means something to you. Yes, indeed Oregon as “  The State of Oregon  ” where the creator of this brand is from. This self-proclaimed world’s leading chainsaw brand has put innovation at the heart of its business. In addition to Oregon brand chainsaws, you can also easily find other accessories and spare parts. Indeed, this proclamation certainly comes from the fact that most brands that have the vision of bringing quality devices to the market do not hesitate to turn to the American brand to take advantage of the quality of its chains and chain guide. .


This German brand created since 1964 has embarked on a policy of accessibility to all, but at an affordable price. This is how the one that initially was oriented in gardening with only a few equipment in DIY has completely converted by putting on the market its chainsaws from the Power-X-Change range. The batteries of this range of chainsaws can be used for several other brand devices, hence the slogan ”  cordless freedom for all your projects  “.


Leading American brand in the world of gardening with more than 70 years of history linked to innovation. The brand was acquired in 1999 by the Swedish group Husqvarna AB. Regardless of the type of brand chainsaw, they have powerful motors and are best known for their resistance and ergonomics. As we can read on the brand’s website, McCulloch chainsaws are designed to awaken the lumberjack in you.


This brand of German origin is renowned for the quality of its products and known as the best-selling chainsaw brand in the world. It offers very good quality chainsaws for both individuals and professionals.

What is the use of having an electric chainsaw?

Having an electric chainsaw at home is synonymous with autonomy. Regardless of the time, regardless of the weather, you have the possibility of using your machine without resorting to a loved one. This aspect of the thing indeed settles a large number of constraints.

Also, having your own chainsaw allows you to save quite a bit of money. Even if you are new to this, you no longer need to hire a gardener for his services. Thus, expenses related to gardening can be directed towards another activity.

The electric chainsaw is by nature very light, less noisy, easy to handle and it does not require any particular technique to use it if not the will.

Finally, electric chainsaws have the advantage of cutting wood, regardless of their size, without providing too much effort, but quickly.

How to use an electric chainsaw safely?

Even if it is claimed that the use of an electric chainsaw does not require any technical skills, you must still be aware that its use is not without danger for yourself and for those around you. Remember that this is primarily a saw equipped with an electric motor. As long as it is a sharp object, it already represents a risk for someone.

It is for this reason that through this guide, we will advise you to take the necessary security measures before even starting. Among these measures, a work coat if possible or appropriate clothing, protective gloves, a helmet, safety shoes that you will easily find in supermarkets or on appropriate sites.

Even if on certain models of electric chainsaw, safety measures have been put in place, it should be noted that the greatest safety measure remains caution.

Questions from Internet users:

Several questions generally arise in the minds of potential buyers to be sure that they are on the way to an excellent decision. Below are some of the most frequently asked questions by customers about search engines.

How to choose the right ergonomics of a chainsaw?

Ergonomics is a very important criterion when choosing an electric chainsaw. It cannot be effectively chosen as long as one does not take the device in one’s hands. Thus, by taking the machine in his hands, the potential buyer or the potential user can feel if the handles are comfortable in the execution of the work, if the weight of the device can allow it to be handled easily, etc.

Also, take care to check the various settings to ensure that it perfectly matches the user’s profile. It should also be checked whether the chainsaw has an anti-vibration system. In short, so many elements that should be analyzed to choose the right ergonomics for your chainsaw.

How does an electric chainsaw work?

The electric chainsaw as its name suggests needs electrical energy to operate. And in our case, this energy comes either from a mains socket or from an integrated battery. Once the machine is plugged in and the motor started, the latter will rotate at a cutting speed that suits the user. If this speed is not desired, it is possible to adjust the speed using the trigger provided for this purpose.

After this step, the user can concentrate on the cut which requires a lot of skill in order to avoid accidents. He must therefore ensure that the chain is tight for the cut to be perfect. In reality, the element which is at the origin of the cutting of the wood is the chain with teeth or gouge which, set in motion and especially thanks to the speed of rotation of the chain, manages to cut the wood.

What is the difference with a thermal chainsaw?

The thermal chainsaw is a model of chainsaw using a 2 or 4-stroke thermal engine to operate. It therefore works on the basis of gasoline or diesel, in short, fuel-based. The latter is stored in a fuel tank provided for this purpose. Petrol chainsaws have a reputation for being heavier and noisier than electric chainsaws, but very powerful. So, in terms of power and efficiency, thermal models have taken over. Also, thermal models are more recommended for cutting work with a larger diameter of wood. While electric models are generally used for small domestic gardening jobs,

How to maintain your electric chainsaw?

To hope for a long life from your electric chainsaw, its maintenance should not be taken lightly. And when we talk about the maintenance of chainsaws, special attention must be given to certain specific elements. It is mainly about the chain which is at the origin of the cut of wood and the chain guide which not only supports the chain, but especially allows to adjust its movement. When the engine is started and the chain is rotated at high speed, it heats up, dulls and eventually deteriorates completely. If you find yourself in a situation where the chain is just blunt, you will therefore have to think about sharpening it. It is also important to remember that in this rotational movement, the chain becomes so dry that it deserves to be lubricated.

However, on some models of chainsaw, the user does not have to worry about maintaining his machine at a given level; because most manufacturers have equipped their machine with an automatic lubrication system.

Conclusion: Which electric chainsaw to choose?

To conclude, the best electric chainsaw for you will ultimately depend on your needs and the budget you are able to put into it. Consider the size of the saw, the type of wood you will be cutting, how often you will use it, and your budget when making your decision. Thanks to our comparative ranking, we believe that you will be able to choose a good chainsaw.

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