The best gaming desks: Reviews by Consumer reports 2022

After building or acquiring a gaming PC, you need to buy the appropriate accessories such as a headset or a mouse in order to enjoy an excellent gaming experience. To complete this set, you will need a piece of furniture Very important. Apart from the gaming chair, the desk is a must to enjoy comfort. Although it is not as important as the graphics card and your keyboard, it will allow you to play better and feel like a real gamer with a complete setup.

Thanks to this furniture, you will be in an excellent position to win the majority of your games with your friends. The problem is, you don’t have to immediately jump on the first gaming desk you find. You must take into account a set of parameters in order to select it well.

To help you, we have made a selection of the best gamer desks and we also offer you all the promotions not to be missed.

How to select your gaming desk? Important criteria

When buying your gaming desk, you have to be super thorough. Like a game console or a PC Gamer , you must take into account a set of important criteria. Check them out now:

The dimensions of the gaming desk

The first reflex that you must have is to know the space you have in your room or in the empty room that you want to arrange. To do this, you need to use a meter. Don’t forget to take some slack for extra stuff you add later. This will save you from awkward situations. Also, be careful to leave space so that your cables can flow well. After finding the space you need, you need to make a list of items that will need to be installed on your future desk.

When it comes to the height of your desk, you need to take your height into consideration. Most of the desks that are marketed these days are ergonomic. Only you have to find the best seat in order to enjoy comfort. Moreover, according to certain studies, a specific position must be adopted to play or work in front of a screen. These are a 90-130° angle for the knees, a 100-120° angle for the ankles, and a 90-120° angle for the hips.

Depending on your build and height, it will be important to find a desk that will allow you to sit optimally. If you do not take this precaution, you will quickly experience joint pain. So, for your well-being, you must take into account the dimensions of the gaming desk.


There are many gaming desktop models available on the market. For your purchase, you should mainly aim for ergonomics. This therefore assumes that your furniture must allow you to adopt an excellent posture. Height-adjustable models usually do the trick.

Consider accessories

The majority of desks intended for gaming are made with accessories such as the hook. It’s a must for placing a controller holder, headphones or earphones. This criterion is not very important since you have the possibility of buying these elements separately. On the other hand, what is essential are the cable holes which allow to have a clear surface. Make sure your office has them.

Check the cable management system

As far as cable management is concerned, the manufacturers have thought of an installation under the main plate. There are several formats. Among these, mention may be made of devices in the form of a closed shell, in the form of a mesh and in the form of a net. If you attach great importance to aesthetics, the suitable model is the closed hull. Unfortunately, in the event of a problem, you will have difficulty accessing your cables.

As for the net, it is elegant and it allows you to keep several cables. However, over the long term, the net can relax and dangle, which will result in an unpleasant result. You’ll have the ability to access your cables, but the fact that they’re hanging down isn’t very good to know.

The quality of manufacturing materials

The materials of construction are the criteria that help distinguish between entry-level desks and premium quality desks. Depending on your preferences, you will have the choice between wooden, steel, aluminum, PVC or glass models.

Also, it is important to have a strong metal frame so that your desk top is sturdy. With such a feature, you will be able to play freely without your desk moving. So, if you’re a demanding gamer, you shouldn’t choose a model that slips every time you type on the keyboard. Aim for quality!

Pay attention to the assembly time

Although there are already assembled models, you will find gaming desks on the market that are not yet assembled. It will therefore be up to you to read the instructions in order to assemble all the pieces of your furniture. Unfortunately, in some cases, the assembly can be more complicated than expected. It is for this reason that you must favor models that are easy to set up. To do this, do not hesitate to ask your seller for advice or read the product characteristics before concluding your purchase.

Review brands

Whether in the field of electronics, household appliances or computers, certain brands have become essential. To buy your gaming desk, you need to do research on the best brands. Pay attention to their number of years of experience and their rating with users. Finally, you can base yourself on the price.

Consider the price

Generally, you will find a gaming desk on the market for 100 euros or more. However, the price almost never exceeds 600 euros. Of course, there are criteria that drive up the final cost. Among these, we can mention: the material used, the aesthetics, the various accessories offered, etc.

For example, a wooden desk with sturdy PVC legs, a cup holder, cable management device, mouse pad and headphone stand is ideal for gamers. With all these characteristics, this equipment can be sold for around 500 euros. On the contrary, a sober desk without accessories will cost between 100 and 200 euros.

What are the advantages of buying a gaming desk?

As a gamer, it’s normal for you to put your gaming PC and all its accessories at the forefront. Thanks to these different elements, you constitute an excellent gaming setup that will allow you to improve your gaming experience. However, in choosing the elements you need, you must not forget the desk. Due to its design, it will allow you to sit comfortably and access your PC and accessories.

There are many situations that require you to need suitable furniture. Indeed, whether you are a gamer wishing to arrange his personal space or a home worker who spends long hours in front of his post, a desk is perfect. If you are a content creator, a student or a user wishing to arrange your workspace, the desk is essential.

Now that you know the situations in which the purchase of an office would be appropriate, you must discover the advantages of its acquisition.

To arrange your gaming space

As a gamer, it is important that you have a specific place to play. The problem is that this space must not be empty. You must therefore furnish it with your gaming PC, your accessories and furniture. In order to store all of your equipment, you will need an office. That’s the whole point of getting one. It is a tool that will allow you to install your screens, your peripherals and your accessories, namely: the keyboard, the mouse and the helmet.

For your productivity and gaming performance

As mentioned above, the gamer desk has a surface large enough to accommodate several screens. With multiple monitors, you’ll enjoy a better gaming experience and significantly increase your performance. In addition, this piece of furniture does not only allow you to finish your games with your friends online. It can also be used for work related to your trade. With your large gaming desk, you can perform a multitude of tasks. No more juggling multiple windows on your one and only monitor.

To take care of your posture

Posture is important when playing. When you don’t choose the right furniture for your parties, pain is inevitable. This is why you need to get a gaming desk. This is important furniture, whatever your level (beginner, intermediate or professional). Some games are very addictive, you are likely to sit for long hours in front of your screen. You must therefore ensure that you adopt the optimal position to reduce back or neck pain. So don’t hesitate to select your gaming desk and the chair that goes with it.

To avoid eye strain

Since screens have invaded everyday life, gamers no longer separate from their monitors. What they don’t know is that with screens getting bigger and bigger, they need to have enough width space to avoid being too close to their monitor. With the best models of gaming desks, the depth is usually at least 60 cm. So, to avoid tiring your eyes despite your long hours in front of your screen, the ideal would be to buy a gaming desk. With the surface it offers, you will have enough space to install your gaming PC away from your eyes while enjoying good vision.

For aesthetics and comfort

Although the gaming desk is primarily intended to improve your gaming experience, it does not come with a traditional design. In fact, on the market, you will find very elegant and futuristic office models. Installed in your room or in your space, they will participate in the interior decoration. Also, some formats allow you to alternate between sitting and standing. Depending on your preferences, you can adjust the height of your desk to enjoy maximum comfort.

For its practicality

When you have a gaming PC, it comes with connectivity. You need to connect cables to support the operation of your machine. The problem is that with a conventional table, your cables will be in poor condition and they wear out very quickly. To have a pleasant gaming environment and to extend the life of your equipment, the ideal would be to buy a gaming desk. Some models are equipped with systems that allow you to organize your cables in a smart way. With this cable management device, you hide your connections perfectly and you play without cuts caused by the degradation of a cable.

Often, when you play, it is very difficult to move in the middle of the game to get food. To do this, some users have the habit of placing their cup or soda can near them on their gaming table. Unfortunately, inadvertently, liquids can spill on the table or on your equipment. Depending on the situation, you may lose your keyboard or even cause a short circuit. This is the point of buying a gaming desk. It usually has a cup holder that will allow you to put your glass down without spilling the contents.

As for your mouse, it is essential for certain game modes. When you are not used to controllers, it is an accessory that is very important. In order to have more responsiveness, it is important that your mouse glides over a good surface. Gamer desks are upholstered with a fabric that will allow you to handle your accessory better. Finally, the headset allows you to communicate with your teammates and hear the sound, for a more realistic gaming experience. The gamer’s desk has a support on which you can easily hang your headphones or earphones.

For the quality of the materials used

One of the big advantages of buying a gaming desk is the materials that are used to make it. When you buy such a piece of furniture, the idea is to use it for the long term in order to play with your friends. What you need to know is that the gaming desk is made with a multitude of different materials. The common point with the elements used for its design is their solidity.

First, you can buy a gaming desk made of wood. What pleases with this equipment is its aesthetics. With the ease of handling wood, the lines are clean and the rendering is very pleasant. For those who like to consume responsibly, this type of furniture is an excellent idea. Since wood is a renewable resource, they indirectly contribute to the protection of the environment.

Second, there’s steel and aluminum that are commonly used to make gaming desks. Due to their resistance and solidity over time, these are options that you should consider. Finally, there is glass and high-strength PVC. Although these models are expensive, they will allow you to set up your gaming space well. In other words, you are spoiled for choice as to which gaming desk to buy.

Where to buy your gaming desk?

To buy your gaming desk, you have a multitude of solutions available to you. However, the best option for practical reasons is buying a desk on the internet. By going online, you will have an expanded offer. Typically, products come with a brief description and a full product sheet. You can therefore consult them in order to choose your gaming desk in the best possible way. You will be able to avoid incompatibilities and models that will not suit your decoration desires. The only downside is that you won’t be able to try out your desktop.

If you have a store near you, this is also an option you can take advantage of. Here, the idea will be to go to the establishment concerned in order to select the product of your choice. The problem is that the lack of space means that the stock is quite limited. Your possibilities will therefore be reduced.

Ultimately, the gaming desk is a must to play better. You must necessarily have it to increase your performance. So consider buying some for the gaming experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to assemble a gaming desk?

Gaming desks almost all share the same structure. Therefore, their assembly is done in a special way. If you’re having trouble mounting your desk, here’s how to do it:

  • Open the package and make sure that all the elements that make up your product are present;
  • Screw the skates to the feet then assemble them
  • Put the lower crosspiece and then the upper part
  • Attach the palm rest if it comes with your product
  • Place the tray on the legs
  • Screw the top to the top rail using the holes already drilled
  • Install the various gaming accessories.

Depending on the model you have selected, you will have to install LED cables, stickers and banners.

How to organize your gaming desk?

Your gaming desk is a piece of furniture that allows you to accommodate your computers and your accessories, namely the mouse, the keyboard and the helmets. For your well-being and to find each other more easily, you must think about organizing it. This will allow you to avoid unnecessary movements. So, if you have several gaming PCs or many monitors, you should opt for a spacious gaming desk.

In order to ventilate your surface in an optimal way, you must put your screen in height. Here, the idea would be to install it on a special support or to arrange it on the wall. To enjoy maximum convenience, install your gaming tower on the table. Since the mouse is important for the gaming experience, you must have it. It will allow you to enjoy excellent freedom of movement. To sum up, your office must allow you to have the bare necessities.

As for helmets and controllers, they can be put on the spaces reserved for this purpose. Also, don’t forget to store your various cables. This solution will allow you to optimize space and extend their life.

Why Buy a Motorized Gaming Desk?

Sitting for many hours can be hard on your body. In addition to torticollis, you may suffer from other pains. These include: blood circulation problems, increased blood pressure, lower back pain and wrist pain. Fortunately, using a classic gaming desk can help you avoid these various difficulties.

If you have the possibility, you can turn to a seated and standing motorized gaming desk. With such equipment, all your pains will quickly be history. Unlike the traditional format, this type of desk allows you to change your postures while you play. Whether manually or programmed, you can sit down and stand up.

The height can be controlled without difficulty. You just need to understand how your product works. With a simple push, you’re done. Moreover, some models incorporate memorization. You will therefore not have to configure your desktop the next time you use it.

How to properly manage the cables?

Cable management is an aesthetic and technical operation. To get a good rendering, it’s a task you have to do. Don’t forget that it also allows you to optimize your protection and your security. To manage the wiring, you must have the essential accessories. These are straps, cable ties and cable ties.

Often, desks are equipped with cable ducts, boxes and nets. They make it possible to manage the peripherals in an optimal way. You can use it to have a clean game setup. The idea here is to avoid bundling your cables all together. Instead, you need to separate them. Separate the power cables and do the same for the peripheral cables.

What accessories to buy at the time of purchase?

When you go to a store to buy your gaming desk, you have to keep your eyes peeled. There are additional accessories that you might be interested in. For example, an armchair is essential when you buy a desk. You must therefore ensure that one of them is adjustable in order to guarantee ergonomics. Also buy power strips, a mouse pad, a controller, headphones or a keyboard if you don’t have one. The stickers are also perfect for personalizing your setup.

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