The best gaming keyboards: Reviews by Consumer reports 2022

Whether you are a pro gamer or a beginner, you need certain equipment to fully enjoy your gaming moments. These devices allow you to better control your games or just enjoy better features while playing. Among these equipment, the keyboard occupies an important place. This is why a multitude of various keyboards are offered on the market today. Among the most popular, mechanical models are increasingly requested by many French gamers.

How to choose the best mechanical gaming keyboard?


In general, when you want to acquire a device, it is quite normal to take your needs into account before choosing from the models available on the market. This way, you are sure to make the best choice. You should know that the gaming keyboard is not an exception to the rule. Logically, one of the main functions that this tool should have will be to facilitate your games without difficulty.

With this in mind, your choice to improve your PC Gamer should be oriented towards gamer keyboards with specific features. To this end, if you are an MMORPG enthusiast, you will certainly want to choose a keyboard with multiple additional keys. This will allow you to assign your various attacks and spells to it. As for the FPS or MOBA player, on the other hand, he will first of all favor the performance necessary for these gaming games.

He will therefore pay particular attention to the switches he selects. However, you must keep in mind that the gaming keyboard you choose will be just as useful to you on a daily basis for many other uses. Aside from the fact that all research will have as a common element the robustness of the tool for better durability, it will also be necessary for it to offer compatibility with more traditional uses.

Significant emphasis should therefore be placed on the format as well as the switches. Also remember that it is recommended that you do not neglect the importance of connectivity. Although most gaming keyboards are wired, some designers now offer wireless gaming keyboards. It therefore becomes easier for gamers to move around with it.

There are models that offer Bluetooth connectivity which allows them to be used simultaneously on a multitude of different devices. You can also enjoy it on your mobile device. Know that the freedom you enjoyed with the wireless keyboard will not be without constraints. Indeed, you will have to make sure to constantly recharge the battery for prolonged use.

Remember that at this level, not all models are created equal. The last element that you will have to take into account being quite important is the budget that you will have to provide. Exactly as with all electronic devices, you can find all price categories at the level of brands accessible on the market.

You must remember that taking equipment at a high price does not guarantee the quality of the device. In addition, it will be necessary to pay attention to all the characteristics. Are you looking for a gaming keyboard to have a good time during your gaming moments? In this guide, you will find the best gaming keyboards according to your use, your needs and finally your overall budget.

How to recognize a mechanical gaming keyboard?

If on a daily basis in your workplace or at home you use a traditional office keyboard, there is a good chance that the keys work through the membranes. This is a fairly economical technology that works in a simplistic way with domes made of flexible plastic placed under each of the keys.

When you press a key, the dome is flattened and the elements that constitute it come into contact with the printed circuit of the keyboard. It is this procedure that triggers the recording of the keystroke. Then, with the help of a small part placed inside the dome and acting as a spring, the key slowly returns to its place.

The main advantage related to this operation is that it is particularly silent. On the other hand, it is often criticized for membrane keyboards that they have a very weak touch as well as a very clear lack of responsiveness. As mentioned earlier, the main advantage of membrane keyboards compared to mechanical keyboards is that they require low cost for their design.

In addition, membrane keyboards offer very good resistance to liquids. An asset that could attract more than a clumsy. However, as much as pro gamers, newbie gamers today are more looking for the performance needed to have a good time gaming. That’s why they turn to mechanical keyboards.

In principle, it should be remembered that it is the switches which are installed below the keys which are mechanical here. It must be said that these switches are completely independent and work in a totally different way from membranes. In general, note that a mechanical switch is designed around a small box made of plastic within which there is a rod on which the key will be placed.

Be aware that the key is kept in the up position with the help of a spring. Then, a side switch takes care of registering the keystroke when the key is pressed down to a certain level. Remember that mechanical switches have many advantages that cannot be overlooked. The first advantage is their durability. Indeed, these switches are much more durable than membranes. They may therefore be useful to you for a long time.

On top of that, these switches give you a much smoother and more satisfying typing experience. This means that mechanical keyboards offer better comfort compared to their competitors. So you won’t have to deal with the rather soft feel of membrane keyboards. When it comes to performance, they get a big improvement saving you from having to press the key very hard before the keystroke registers.

Clearly, demanding gamers will be able to gain in responsiveness and chain actions more efficiently. This is only partly due to the fact that mechanical switches take less time to return to their normal position. Finally, you should know that there are a large number of brands and models of mechanical switches, each with specific characteristics.

Mechanical switches: which choice to make?

As said above, one of the major advantages of mechanical switches is explained by the plurality of references on the market. Thus, you need to know the various characteristics of a mechanical switch before making your decision. To start, you should know that there are two main families of mechanical switches. There are tactile switches and linear switches.

As for linear switches, they offer a smooth stroke which is therefore linear. To this end, if a certain force is applied to the key with a finger for example, the switch maintains the same resistance throughout its descent in a linear manner. The keystroke will be saved at a height determined via the characteristics of the switch.

As for the touch switches, they are equipped with a mechanism that generates a resistance located at a certain height. The stroke thus remains linear up to the level of this point where the resistance of the key will be greater. Note that the strike will be recorded as soon as the resistance point has been crossed.

It should be noted that these switches are favored by typists since they offer tactile feedback which makes it possible to know precisely when the keystroke has been recorded. Finally, there are tactile switches which are considered clicky. They usually make a metallic noise when activated. This is what earned mechanical keyboards their fame as loud keyboards. It is important to know that these two large ranges are then determined by various aspects, namely:

  • The essential activation force: It determines the resistance of the spring used within the switch. You should know that the higher the value, the harder you will have to press the button to lower the switch. Note that a low value will increase responsiveness. However, this promotes involuntary activations.
  • The stroke: It allows to define the amplitude of the descent of the key. It is therefore more precisely the distance between the height of the key once it is pressed and the height of this same key at rest. Remember that this value is the same on the majority of switches with the exception of models for flat keys.
  • The activation point: This is the distance at which the strike will be registered by the switch. Thus, the lower the value, the earlier the keystroke will be registered and the more responsive the switch will be. For a tactile switch, this value also somehow determines the distance at which the tactile resistance will be noticed.

In the majority of cases, you will find that switches are usually color bound. Going back a long way in history, red switches have always been linear switches which are very responsive. Those of the brown color have similarities in terms of characteristics, however remain tactile.

Finally, the blue switches are clicky and tactile. Please remember that there are many colors, however it would be better if you refer to the technical data sheets. This is due to the fact that the characteristics can be different for the same color according to each designer. In summary, a gamer who wants responsiveness above all else could also be satisfied.

For this, he will not have the opportunity to turn to a keyboard equipped with switches with a reduced activation force required as well as a rather low activation point value. In other cases, an individual who does a lot of writing will certainly feel more comfortable with a keyboard that offers a substantially higher actuation force as well as a somewhat lower actuation point which will reduce the risk of accidental strikes.

Please note that in addition to these features, designers make available to users nowadays optical switches. These are switches whose main advantage is that they do not rely on an electrical contact in terms of recording the keystroke. As for the sensations in use, they are no different.

However, the use of a light beam offers better consistency in the registration of keystrokes as well as a much faster return to the initial position. The reason is the absence of a mechanism which makes it possible to logically induce an additional latency time when the key rises.

Which format to choose for your gaming keyboard between TKL, 60%, 65% 

For several years now, it has been noted on the market for keyboards in formats that are a little more authentic than each other. What makes that today, the full format keyboard with 104 keys is only a vague memory. And this is much more certain when we see the players who are increasingly opting for much more compact keyboards.

The main advantage linked to these new formats is the saving of space on the desk to be able to leave more amplitude and space to place the mouse. This allows by extension to be able to avoid the convoluted positions of the arms which are essentially much too far apart with a full-size keyboard. You should know that today, several large keyboard families are designed, namely:

  • First of all the full-size keyboards: These are keyboards equipped with 104 keys which offer the usual typing area, the numeric keypad, the function keys and finally the additional key area with the directional arrows. It’s kind of been the most traditional and popular format for many years now.
  • Tenkeyless or TKL keyboards: These are designs that take up the traditional format. However, these keyboards ignore the numeric keypad to be able to gain about ten centimeters in width.
  • Keyboards 60%: About these keyboards, the area of ​​the directional keys is missing as well as the function keys, that is to say the keys F1 to F12. Therefore, only the traditional alphanumeric typing zone remains in plain text. It should be noted that all the deleted keys are generally accessible using shortcuts. This is therefore the case of the K65 RGB Mini from Corsair.
  • 65% keyboards: These keyboards are found halfway between the TKL and the 60%. They keep the directional arrows and a few other function keys grouped together located completely on the right side of the keyboard. Picking up the Razer BlackWidow V3 Mini model, you will find that it is 65% similar to the keyboard.

It is logically recommended that you choose a full-size keyboard if you are addicted to the numeric keypad apart from your video games. On the other hand, if the latter is less important for you, the TKL format is the model that will be recommended to you since it is a model that retains a multitude of function keys.

Finally, if you are looking for a compact keyboard model with a minimalist look, the best would be to turn to a 60% format keyboard. At the same time, if you want to keep the directional arrows and some shortcuts, the 65% format would undoubtedly be ideal for you.

Are you a pro gamer or a beginner gamer and you want to acquire an appropriate keyboard to fully enjoy your gaming moments? Note that you will have the choice between wired mechanical keyboards and wireless mechanical keyboards. However, due to their cost, you may find it difficult to find a model that will meet all your needs. If you find yourself in such a situation, you should know that there are less expensive alternatives that will also meet your expectations even if they are somewhat limited in terms of functionality.

Conclusion: Which gaming keyboard to choose?

In conclusion, if you are looking for an excellent gaming keyboard to improve your game, then our ranking of the best gaming keyboards according to wired, wireless or cheap criteria is the ideal one to make your choice. Whether you’re looking for a budget option or something high quality, we’ve got the right keyboards for every budget.

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