The best gaming mice: Reviews by Consumer reports 2022

Considered as an intermediary between the player and his PC Gamer, the gaming mouse is a tool that you must choose with great care. Indeed, there is a variety of mice on the market and this does not always make it easy to choose. To do this, we will show you in this article all the information relating to the criteria to be taken into consideration before buying your gaming mouse as well as the most efficient models in our opinion on the market today.

A gaming mouse, what is it concretely?

As we pointed out at the start of this article, the choice of gaming mouse must be made meticulously based on well-defined criteria such as lightness, ergonomics, model, etc.

The gaming mouse has been designed to allow video game enthusiasts to enjoy and perform as much as possible in their games. However, it sports a particular ergonomic design that is very pleasant to see. There are thus certain models whose dimensions can be modified.

If you want to benefit from very good performance in terms of sensitivity and precision, you must opt ​​for a gaming mouse. It should be noted that some gaming mice allow you to save several configurations while others have a modular weight system in order to change their mass. Gaming mice also have multiple buttons and this is one of their defining traits. However, it is important to know that these are mice that cost much more than conventional mice.

In order to better choose it, discover our selection of the best gaming mice on the market in 2022 as well as the promotions not to be missed.

What are the important criteria for choosing a quality gaming mouse?

The gaming mouse is an accessory mainly intended for video game enthusiasts, it very often equips a high- performance gaming PC in order to have the best results on video games. However, you can still use these mice not only for office use, but also for any other type of use.

It differs from other traditional mice above all in their performance, functionality and design. Due to the multitude of brands and models that exist on the market, choosing a quality gaming mouse is not easy since it requires taking into account a certain number of parameters.

These include the sensor, connectivity, buttons, ergonomics, design, features and price.

The choice according to the sensor

The sensor is one of the main parameters on which you must be very attentive. It is the sensor that determines the performance of the mouse and for the moment, there is not a detailed method regarding the choice of these since they are mainly designed by the same manufacturer.

However, you have the choice between the laser sensor and the optical sensor. In the meantime, laser sensors were the most efficient, but currently you can have access to the same functionality with both technologies.

In reality, laser sensors use infrared lights that detect the surface, but it is strongly discouraged not to use them with fabric carpets. On the other hand, optical sensors as far as they are concerned do not work well on glass or methacrylate surfaces since the light from the sensor is reflected on the surface.

Choice based on connectivity

When it comes to connectivity, you just have the choice between a wireless mouse and a wired model. You should know that this function will depend not only on your preferences, but also on your budget. In addition, you need to be able to know a little bit about the strengths and weaknesses of each model.

You can find gaming mice on the market with a battery life of between 50 and 150 hours. Their weight is also appreciated since it has no effect on autonomy.

The fact that there is no wire can lead to slowness or downright absence at certain times. You should know that wireless models are much more expensive on the market.

The choice according to the buttons

The majority of gaming mice on the market do not only have the right and left click and the wheel. So, depending on the games you play frequently, you may opt for a mouse with buttons. It can be very useful to you.

However, the number of buttons varies from model to model.

The choice according to the functionalities

This is because functionality is closely tied to extra buttons and it is important to know that not all mice are created equal when it comes to functionality. In practice, they can be a function of the quality of the software that has been integrated by the brand.

Giants like Razer, Steelseries or Logitech provide you with a software suite that allows you to customize your mouse as you see fit.

The choice according to ergonomics

When talking about ergonomics, weight, shape and grip are criteria that must be taken into account.

  • The shape is certainly the first aspect you can notice when buying a mouse. It is important to know that the shape of the mouse can have an impact on gaming performance, your comfort and your ability to manipulate for long hours.

Obviously, your mouse must be adapted to your laterality and therefore if the left hand is your preferred hand, you must opt ​​for a left-handed mouse to be more comfortable in the course of your game. However, left-handed mice are not as numerous on the market and for this, you can orient your choice towards ambidextrous models.

  • Weight is also a selection criterion taken into account. In fact, a few years ago, you could find bulky mice on the market with a weight of up to 150 grams. On the market, there is no longer this kind of mouse since even the heaviest mice no longer exceed 130 grams. This weight reduction is mainly due to the evolution of e-sport and the arrival of professional players. That is why there are mice whose weight is between 60 and 70 grams.
  • Mouse grip is most often determined by the position of the hand while using the mouse. This way you can tell the difference between the pincer hand, the flat palm and the fingertips. The most common position is that of the flat palm, because it allows to have the hand much more relaxed. The pincer hand position is the one that is suitable for shooter games, but it must be admitted that in the long term, it can become uncomfortable. It is the wide and short mice that favor this grip. The fingertip position is less common.

The choice according to the design

The design is also important, but it varies from individual to individual. When it comes to mice, there are several designs and you will certainly find the one that suits you. There are several colors with RGB lighting.

Choice based on price

The price is one of the very first criteria taken into account when choosing an item. The gaming mouse is no exception to the rule. If you can’t afford a mid- or high-end mouse, you can still find entry-level mice for around $40. The most successful models in the high-end category can be worth between 150 and 200 euros.

What are the differences between wired, wireless and Bluetooth mouse?

Indeed, in terms of performance, we do not notice any real differences between the wireless mouse, wired which uses the original technology.

The difference is mainly felt in the practicality and freedom that the wireless model offers you. Unlike the wireless model, the wired model does not worry about recharging its battery.

There are some manufacturers that do not integrate Bluetooth functionality on the mouse, but majority of wireless gaming mice that are available in the market have Bluetooth functionality.

However, the performance as well as the slowness of Bluetooth at given times do not favor its use for good games. For example, you should know that in Bluetooth mode, the information transmitted by the mouse is much more slower than the majority of wireless gaming mice.

Either way, the Bluetooth functionality still retains its usefulness when it comes to certain uses. Bluetooth has this advantage of being economical in terms of energy. Therefore, the use of the Bluetooth connection can be well on the move or in office use since it increases the battery life.

What are mouse DPIs?

Defined as Dot Per Inch, the DPIs can be linked to the definition of the sensor used by the mouse. In French, it is the Point per inch and in a concrete way, the DPI notify the number of points that the sensor is able to detect during a movement of one inch.

The cursor will therefore move 8,000 pixels on the screen. However, the presence of 18,000 or 25,000 dots per inch is practically useless. The higher the DPI, the more accurate the sensor will be.

Therefore, for a setting of 800 DPI, a mouse with a sensor that can go up to around 18,000 DPI can be much more precise than mice that are reduced to 1,600 DPI.

It should be noted that the precision will be of the same quality whether in office use or in game mode. This can promote the realization of much more precise movements. Indeed, the high DPI values ​​are not simply a marketing argument, but it must be admitted that there are no real differences between a mouse at 18,000 DPI and another at 25,000 DPI.

Is the mouse pad necessary?

Of course, the mouse pad can be useful even if the gaming mouse pads are of reasonable quality. In reality, the skates will not be able to ensure a perfect glide on surfaces without the mouse pad. On top of that, the sensors are not always effective on all surfaces.

There are indeed, some sensors that are poor on the glass. So if you want to make the most of your mouse and make significant progress in your game, we strongly recommend that you get a mouse pad.

It is true that there are several categories of mats on the market. However, a traditional fabric mat will be more than enough. On the other hand, if you are looking for an irreproachable glide, then it is better to go for the rigid carpets which require a little practice before mastering.

The other advantage of the mouse pad is the protection of your desk. By opting for a desk mat, avoid shocks, friction and the natural acidity of sweat.

Which gaming mouse should FPS gamers choose?

The people who benefit the most from gaming mice are FPS gamers. FPS players don’t need to have 15 configurable buttons on their mouse, because the two right and left clicks, the wheel and 2 or 3 side buttons can be enough.

Most often, FPS players are advised to use a low sensitivity at the sensor level to have more precision. Therefore, opting for a mouse with a high-performance sensor able to effectively track all movements would be appropriate.

We also recommend lightweight mice for FPS gamers since they not only save on comfort, but also on maneuverability.

What is the battery life of wireless mice?

The autonomy is one of the obstacles to the purchase of the wireless mouse since it can be annoying to charge the battery of the mouse at all times.

To address this concern, wireless mice on the market have good battery life and can last for several days. Battery-powered mice, on the other hand, offer remarkable autonomy and you can use them for months without changing the battery.

Conclusion: Which gaming mouse to choose?

If you’re looking for a gaming mouse that will give you an edge in your next game, take a look at the mice we’ve recommended. They all have features specifically designed to enhance your gameplay. We hope this guide has helped you choose the best mouse for your needs and given you some ideas on how to use it to its fullest potential.

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