What is the best inflatable hot tub? Reviews by Consumer reports 2022

With all the well-being that the spa provides to the human body, some want to install one at home. But for lack of space or to minimize blows, they choose to get one that is inflatable and can be installed and uninstalled anywhere and at any time as needed.

Inflatable spas have become very popular these days and the demand is growing more and more. As a result, there are also more and more new manufacturers arriving on the market and offering more and more varied models.

If you have arrived on this page, it is because you are looking for the best inflatable spa that will meet all your expectations and above all that will be of very good quality with the best value for money.

You have come to the right place because here you will discover our ranking of the best most recommended inflatable spas at the moment, followed by a complete buying guide and some practical advice on the use and maintenance of an inflatable spa for the keep for a long time in very good condition.

How to choose an Inflatable Spa? important criteria

Having fun by installing an inflatable spa or jacuzzi in your garden is simply giving pride of place to issues related to our well-being. We can therefore afford to afford a spa model that costs an arm and a leg, but this model must really meet the needs for which it was chosen.

This is why it is important to ask the right questions before embarking on the footsteps of your inflatable spa: what are the criteria to take into account to choose the right hot tub?

According to the size of the inflatable spa

Even if the priority of this or that criterion does not matter, everyone can agree that the size criterion is one of the most important of all. And this criterion must push the buyer to think about the number of people to use the inflatable spa. If it is a family of 4, we will not set our sights on a 2-seater hot tub.

Also, depending on individual preferences, you can opt for an inflatable spa for 4 people when it is only a family of 2 people. After all, if you want to have fun, it’s better to do it with all the comfort that goes with it.

Depending on the type of inflatable bubble or hydrojet spa

It should not be forgotten that the first idea behind the investment in this equipment is relaxation. And the level of appreciation of this relaxation session will largely depend on the type of spa chosen. Is it a bubble spa or a hydro jet spa? In any case, with the purchase of an inflatable spa at home, not only will excessive spending in beauty and well-being institutes come to an end, but above all you can treat yourself to moments of little relaxation. no matter the time and without an appointment. Isn’t that awesome?

According to heating capacity

Is your future inflatable spa equipped with a heat exchanger or an electric heater? Whatever your desire pushes you to choose, put a little common sense into it and think ecology.

However, if the temperature of the water in your spa is below 30°, rather give up the purchase of your spa and opt for a swimming pool or a bathtub. One of the main features of the spa is the hot tub for relaxation.

And for this bath to be hot, it will be necessary to change its temperature and generally the temperature varies between 35° and 41°.

According to the price

The inflatable spa is an equipment that caters to all budgets. The kit models are the easiest to install and the cheapest, but for the spa to last a long time, you will have to buy a quality one at a price often around 500€.

Here is an interesting video to learn how to choose the right inflatable spa that will suit you best:

What are the important tips for installing an inflatable spa in the garden?


To offer very good moments of relaxation and relaxation at home and especially with the family, the installation of an inflatable spa seems to be a very economical option, but above all very practical. What do you need to do to install your inflatable spa?

How to install an inflatable spa?

Installing an inflatable hot tub is not as complex as one might imagine. But, it requires some prerequisites for the installation to be successful.

First target the location where the spa is to be installed and level it well before installing the equipment. Make sure of the dimensions of the spa so that its installation is not cumbersome in relation to the chosen space. Thoroughly clean the chosen location to remove any object that could damage the covering of your hot tub.

After these prerequisites, you must move on to the different stages of installing your jacuzzi. It is assumed that the purchase of the equipment has already been made. To start, you have to unpack the box and check that all the elements are present: it is mainly the technical unit, the inflatable structure, the control panel and other accessories. Then, install the ground sheet so that the part of the bubbles is oriented towards the ground side and then place the inflatable structure on it. Also, care must be taken to position the technical block correctly. The installation of the control panel must be carried out taking care to make the various connections. After making the connections, close the control panel securely using mechanical keys suitable for the size of the nuts.

The installation process thus follows its course and connecting the control panel to the inflatable structure through a hose reserved for this purpose. We now come to the connection of the device to an electrical outlet while ensuring the presence of ground protection. Finally, you have to put the filter cartridge in place and then fill the inflatable structure with water.

How to inflate your spa?

Once all the equipment is plugged in or installed, remember to fill the inflatable structure of your spa with air. The inflation itself is just the actuation of a ‘bubbles’ button. Depending on the model of spa purchased, you may or may not need to check whether you are in an under-inflation or over-inflation situation. Once the structure is inflated, what remains to be done? Check the pressure and connect the technical unit to the spa. It should be noted that the inflatable spa also has a cover that must be inflated following the same procedures as the inflation of the inflatable structure.

 How to heat your inflatable spa?

The water in the inflatable hot tub is heated using a very simple process. It is just a heat exchange that starts from the temperature rise of the electrical resistance.

How does this work in practice? We were talking earlier about a filtration cartridge which is also referred to as a filtration circuit. This cartridge is installed next to an electric resistance supplied of course from the electric current. As soon as the resistor begins to heat up, the water which passes through the filtration circuit being close to the resistor is heated by ricochet from a temperature exchange.

How to fold your inflatable spa?

As soon as your spa is no longer in use, it would be best to drain it and store it for later use. How to store your inflatable spa?

To store your inflatable spa, there are some very simple steps to follow.

You must first empty the inflatable structure and then deflate it. Since the structure may need to be stored for a long term, you have to think about drying it well and then cleaning it with a dry cloth before folding it. Also, remember to remove all accessories and let the spa rest for at least a day.

To properly fold your inflatable spa, it is advisable to fold its edges from the outside inwards. The method consists of first folding the inflatable device in half and then in half again. Above all, avoid walking on it so that the fold is well executed.

Some brands come with a cover for their inflatable spas. If your jacuzzi has a cover, the ideal would be to store it in its cover before putting it in a box.

How to maintain an inflatable spa?


Each product, whatever its field of intervention, needs regular maintenance to be not only effective, but also to last over time. And who talks about maintenance alludes to a long list of tools and a good dose of discipline.

What should you do to keep your spa in good condition?

Maintaining your spa in good condition simply means that the inflatable spa is well maintained. In other words, the question is to know what we are referring to when we talk about the maintenance of the inflatable spa.

To keep your spa in good condition, you have to be disciplined and follow a few small rules. Thus, it requires regular maintenance and periodic changing of the spa water. This prevents dirt and residue from depositing at the bottom of your spa.

Also, the filtration circuit must be cleaned weekly, depending on the frequency of use of the spa. Speaking of use, avoid exposing the spa to the sun, especially when there is no water inside.

The tank must be cleaned regularly, but in compliance with certain conditions such as the use of a soft cloth instead of an abrasive sponge and products known to be corrosive. The spa cover and walls are under the same cleaning regimen for long-term maintenance.

What products should you use to maintain your spa?

It is very important to regularly maintain your spa both in terms of the quality of its water and the cleanliness of the inflatable equipment. Thus, to maintain the water in your spa, some products are highly recommended while others have a bad reputation.

For questions relating to hygiene and the good health of users, the spa water must be disinfected often. To do this, chlorine or bromine tablets can be used on a regular basis to disinfect the water.

Other products such as active oxygen, PHMB, ozone or even UV are also used. Regarding the UV lamp and unlike other products that require regular intervention, its use is automated even if it costs a little more.

However, for greater caution, it is advisable to take the advice of a specialist for the choice of what is best.

Is it okay to use chemicals?

As we underlined previously, the use of certain products requires the advice of specialists. However, the question of the use of chemical products in the maintenance of his spa presents enormous risks for the user given their aggressiveness.

Thus, to the question of knowing if it is good to use chemical products, it is simply necessary to remember that they are likely to have repercussions on the health of the users.

Are there effective natural products for its maintenance?

Apart from the various chemicals used to maintain an inflatable hot tub, there are also natural products that are very effective in the maintenance of the hot tub.

Among these different natural products that can be identified in this field, two of them are very popular. These include C2Oxide and O-Care spa cleaner.

The particularity of the Spa O-Care natural treatment kit is that it allows a reduction of the Chlorine and Bromine content up to a proportion of 78%.

The C2Oxide for its part represented by the SpaBalancer Ultrashock also enjoys a very good reputation in the maintenance of spas. Other natural disinfectants such as Nature2spa, Aquafinesse natural treatment pack or active oxygen cannot be left out in this list of effective natural products for spa maintenance.

What to do with the spa’s filtration system?

It is impossible to talk about spa maintenance without mentioning the treatment of the filtration system. If the main role of the filtration circuit is to filter the spa water, it is no surprise that we would notice that it retains dirt. And if it retains dirt, it is necessary to think of cleaning it or cleaning it regularly in order to avoid clogging. Regardless of the type of spa filtration system you are dealing with, the operation is the same.

What do you actually do with this filtration system? It can be cleaned with a jet of water pressure, with a brush or even soaked in a cleaning solution.

However, to allow significant time for cleaning this system, two filters can be provided in order to alternate them while one is dirty.

What are the treatment products of an inflatable spa?


The products needed to disinfect its contents?

Several chemical or natural products available on the market can be used to disinfect the contents of an inflatable hot tub. And their use is more than necessary.

Whether it is bromine, chlorine, active oxygen, salt, C2Oxide, O-care spa to name a few, they are all essential for the maintenance of the inflatable spa.

What about bromine?

Treating your spa with bromine is one of the most common methods of spa maintenance, but also one of the easiest.

Its use is certainly easy, but it is also necessary to take care of the dosage by monitoring both the bromine level and the pH of the water.

The recommended dosage is between 1 and 3 mg/l. To treat your Intex inflatable spa from bromine, simply put a bromine tablet in a diffuser and then let it float for a few days so that the product can spread completely in the water. It should be noted above all that bromine, by virtue of its constitution, is more effective in high temperature environments.

Is it better to use chlorine?

Even though chlorine would be very well known for its effectiveness in the treatment of swimming pool water, it is not the ideal product for maintaining an inflatable spa. We wonder why.

In fact, chlorine loses its effectiveness in a medium or in a solution at a high temperature. However, the inflatable spa in its operation requires that the water be heated in order to offer the best moments of relaxation to the user. Thus, the higher the ph of the environment, the more the chlorine becomes ineffective.

Active oxygen as a natural treatment?

In the series of products necessary to use for the maintenance of inflatable spas, active oxygen falls into the category of natural products. To enhance the effectiveness of this natural treatment product, an active oxygen enhancer is recommended.

The advantage with active oxygen in the treatment of the Intex inflatable spa is that it makes bathing comfortable for the user, it leaves no room for unpleasant odors and offers a certain softness to the body and then to the hair.

Why not the salt treatment?

Salt treatment is also an alternative in the maintenance of the inflatable spa, but is not preferable to the use of bromine or active oxygen.

The reason is quite simple: the salt once poured into the spa water undergoes a cyclical transformation thanks to the eco-steriliser. The latter first transforms the salt into chlorine which will then be transformed into salt because of the UV rays which exert a destructive action on it. In addition, the activation of the eco-sterilizer must be done manually, and this, every day. It is impossible to program it automatically.

Internet users’ questions

How to repair your spa in the event of a leak?

In the event of a leak from your spa, you must first find the source of the leak. It may simply be the inflation valve that is not properly closed and if so, simply remember to tighten the valve properly.

In the event that it is the inflatable structure that has been punctured, find the location of the hole and seal the leak or seal the hole on the spa with glue.

In all cases, care must be taken to disconnect the spa and empty it before any operation.

Spa not heating, what to do?

In the majority of cases, when the spa no longer heats; you have to take a look at the filters, clean them or replace them if necessary.

Also, it may be a failure of the control panel; therefore it is an electronic problem to be entrusted to a professional for repair or simply to replace the electronic card.

The last option is to check if the connections are well made.

How much electricity does an inflatable hot tub consume?

Even if it is a bit difficult to communicate a fixed or standard figure when talking about the electricity consumption of a spa, an average of 6.6 kw can be retained.

Indeed, it should be remembered that the electricity consumption of an inflatable spa depends on a variation in temperature and the use made of it. The lower the temperature outside your spa, the higher the electrical energy consumption.

What to put under an inflatable spa?

With the purchase of your inflatable spa, a mat called a floor mat is included in the box, which must be laid before starting the installation of the inflatable structure. The ground sheet protects your spa against anything that could possibly damage it on the ground, but from the outside.

Which circuit breaker for the spa?

The circuit breaker is also an important element to provide for the safety of your Intex inflatable spa. Thus, a 10 mA differential circuit breaker for spas is recommended. But for more powerful models, a 40 mA single-phase differential switch is recommended. However, it is also essential to use a professional electrician for sound advice.

With what to clean an inflatable spa?

To clean your inflatable spa, several products can be used. Chemicals or natural products. On the other hand, we recommend some solutions such as bromine and active oxygen to clean an inflatable spa.

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