The best pressure washers: Reviews by Consumer reports 2022

Pressure washers have somewhat flooded the market these days. This is certainly due to the high demand and the satisfaction expressed by many French people who have tried it and want to try it. Thus, its usefulness is no longer really to be proven as it brings efficiency and practicality.

However, to ensure that you benefit from the best performance offered by the device, it is important to acquire a model that meets your needs. For this, there are certain essential points which you will have to take into account to make your choice. If you do not know these elements, you will only make a bad choice without realizing it at the time.

What is a high pressure cleaner?

Can still be called Kärcher, the high-pressure cleaner is a machine of great utility. This cleaning machine works by squirting very high density water out of it. This marvel was designed in 1950 by its inventor Arnold Kärcher.

Its objective was to reproduce the concepts of American steam cleaners during the period of the German occupation. Its design has revolutionized the high-pressure cleaner. For this, there is included the use of hot water.

Indeed, the result was just too encouraging and motivating during the cleaning sessions. Nowadays, for all people dealing with cleaning and who would like to obtain a convincing result, the high pressure cleaner is the device you need.

Another advantage linked to the machine is its ergonomic side. It can be used by both individuals and professionals. By choosing to use a high-density cleaner, you are already maximizing your chances of achieving impeccable cleaning, but also in record time.

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How to choose your pressure washer? Criteria

Before choosing the pressure washer that is best for you, it will first be necessary to find out the basis on which the products are selected. Please discover here the few criteria that users take into account in order to give their opinions on pressure washers:

Depending on the power and pressure of the device

The criteria taken into account by customers are numerous. However, the first criterion is represented by power and pressure. These are indeed powerful indicators that make it possible to carry out the test of the best pressure washer. Thanks to these precise and concise characteristics, it becomes possible for you to make up your mind about the performance of your device.

To carry out the test, users have chosen a minimum power of at least 1300 W with a pressure of 100 to 110 bars for normal use of the device. As for the power and the pressure chosen for a much more advanced use, their determination is made from 1600 W and 130 bars.

According to the use of the pressure washer

Do you have a particular project that requires the use of a high-pressure cleaner? If yes, you should choose your device considering the usage. Depending on the task you have to accomplish, you will not choose the same material. For example, electric motorization is suitable for occasional use and for small surfaces. As regards the internal combustion engine, it is suitable for intensive use on larger surfaces.

according to weight

A pressure washer is a heavy and sometimes bulky device. This is the reason why you should consider its weight before buying it. Also, if you want to move it more easily, you should make sure it has a carrying handle and wheels.

According to the length of the hose

This is also another test criterion used by users. Thus, they can give their opinion in an objective way regarding the different models that there are on the market. If you want to talk about an ideally practical device, then the minimum length should be 4 meters. You will be able to better enjoy it once you have it in hand.

According to the length of the electric cable

In order to form a definitive opinion on the test of the device, this is the last criterion that the users of the device take into account. To be sure to have chosen the right device among the best pressure washers there is, it has been checked that the length of the cable is sufficient to meet the positioning of the sockets.

According to accessories

If you want to take advantage of many accessories with your pressure washer, you must choose a model that allows several uses. The idea here is not to have dozens of accessories. You should focus on the tools that will be useful to you. Therefore, you must ensure that storage is provided between uses.

According to the price

The price is a personal parameter for choosing a pressure washer. Indeed, you are the only one to know your needs and your income. So you can determine if you are able to afford this device to maintain your home and vehicle. If you plan to make occasional use, you must reserve a hundred euros to obtain your equipment.

On the other hand, if your device is intended for more frequent use, you should plan around 500 euros. Finally, to make your purchase, you can go to online sales platforms. This will allow you to discover the promotional offers that will allow you to buy your product at incredible prices.

According to the brand

To guarantee the quality of your pressure washer, you must consider its manufacturer. Currently, there are a multitude of brands that will allow you to obtain a device adapted to your needs. You must find out about the quality of the products they market to make an excellent choice.

Check out this video which sums up the most important criteria for choosing a pressure washer:

How does a pressure washer work?

Before discussing some other equally important aspects of this device, it is first necessary to consider another very important point. This is how the best pressure washer works. The main objective of a very good pressure washer is to achieve perfect cleaning.

For this, he will use or not detergent while using the high pressure water projection. Note that you can benefit from hot and cold water cleaning if you wish. Thus, using his spear it becomes possible for him to help you achieve a truly successful cleaning.

As complex as it may seem, it is the same principle that is used for the operation of a hot water pressure washer as that of a cold water pressure washer. And this is valid for all models.

When it comes to the operation of the device as soon as you press the launch button, there are several gears that are simultaneously launched. First, there is a piston motor that compresses the liquid used for the device. Thereafter, there is an energetic release that is made in the direction of the spear.

Please be sure to add water. This is necessary since a possible rupture would cause the cavitation effect (appearance of air bubbles). This is why it is advisable to wait for a short time as soon as the cleaner is started.

Before the start of the compression operation, the device guarantees its water supply. However, in order to guarantee the safety of the device and prevent it from being damaged, the designers have equipped it with a set of valves.

Note that these two elements play two essential roles. Firstly, they make it easy to maintain the pressure within the compression compartment and finally, they reduce the risk of air bubbles appearing.

What are the different models that have been designed?

To get a better idea of ​​​​the device, and this as a whole, it is necessary to make the list of the best pressure washers. Discover the different types of devices on the market:

The cold water pressure washer

To date, it is the most popular pressure washer model among users and for good reason, its cost is one of the most accessible on the market. In addition, it offers excellent value for money. In a word, you will be able to perform a flexible and impressive cleaning.

If you were looking for a cleaner that will meet different expectations, this is the one for you. Indeed, it will allow you to clean your car, will be ideal for garden equipment, maintain terraces as well as various appliances.

The only downside that arises with this model is stubborn dirt. This model actually does not have the ability to get rid of stubborn stains. Even if you use an effective detergent, it remains impossible. In a few words, the cold water pressure washer is not always effective against all dirt.

The hot water pressure washer

For stubborn dirt that is deeply embedded, it is more advisable to use a hot water high-pressure cleaner to remove it. When you take into account all its advantages, you will understand that the hot water pressure washer is the device that will easily allow you to carry out a complete cleaning operation.

With this device type model, the water temperature can increase to around 140°C. If you want a quality finish, consider mixing the water with detergent first. This is how you will get rid of stains and dirt more easily. On the other hand is not given in comparison to the previous model which is much less expensive and much lighter.

The portable pressure washer        

This device is a cleaner model that does not enjoy excellent mobility. To carry out its cleaning of offices and industrial machines, this device must be dragged on wheels. For her convenience, she could be much better. Indeed, it is a very heavy model. However, it must be said that with this cleaner you will enjoy superior quality cleaning.

The high-pressure cleaner: fixed model      

This cleaner is designed with a large tank that is placed on the ground for its operation, which is the complete opposite of the mobile cleaner model. To facilitate its use, it is equipped with a long water spray hose. The latter is 10 meters long.

As for the engine fitted to this type of high pressure cleaner, it is very solid and efficient and runs on fuel oil or gas to run. It is not, however, a perfect device without drawbacks. Indeed, to use it you will have to equip yourself with a helmet given all the noise it emits.

The different models of pressure washers

The motor is the element that helps separate pressure washers into two distinct categories.

The electric pressure washer

It is a device that needs to be plugged into a power outlet to work properly. The strong point of the electric pressure washer is its lightness and maneuverability. This is the reason why it is more suitable for individuals. During use, you must be extremely careful to reduce the risk of electric shock.

The thermal pressure washer

This model of cleaner works thanks to a diesel or gasoline engine. Cordless, it is very popular with professionals because of the freedom of use and autonomy it offers. However, to use it optimally, you must maintain it well. Finally, it is heavy and pollutes.

What is the difference between a private and professional cleaner?

All the criteria mentioned above are important when planning to buy a pressure washer. Whether it is intended for occasional use or for professional purposes, you must take this into account. However, there are additional details you need to pay attention to.

Among individuals, the most common models only accept cold water. In other words, at the inlet of the cleaner, the liquid must not exceed 30 or 40°C. You must read the leaflet to read the precautions. With the hot water pressure washer that cleans stubborn stains, you need to find a very specific model. Of course, it must be accompanied by the appropriate accessories.

Also, high-pressure cleaners with internal combustion engines are not common. They make it possible to attack large surfaces or to clean premises at a very good frequency. Therefore, they are suitable for a special category of people, and their price is very high. This is the reason why households are turning to the pressure washer with electric motorization. The latter is more accessible.

What are the benefits of a pressure washer?

Considering the great usefulness of the device, it would not be inappropriate to say that it offers an array of advantages. First of all, it is a device that easily combines speed and efficiency. Indeed, according to some studies carried out it is noted that the cleaning carried out with a high pressure cleaner gives better results.

In addition, it is done in a relatively short period of time compared to a maintenance operation carried out in the traditional way. You will easily get rid of dirt thanks to the force of the jet of the device. Even the most encrusted dirt will not be spared.

Therefore, with a high pressure cleaner you will have an impeccable finish in a very short time. As a bonus, thanks to its strong pressure and the power of its jet, this cleaner allows you to save water and cleaning products. It is a simple, manipulable and very powerful device. You will have no difficulty using it.

What are the best pressure washer brands?

As mentioned above, the manufacturer is important when choosing a pressure washer. This is why we have selected the best brands on the market for you.


Bosch is a German brand that you can trust for quality pressure washers. Its offer is intended for individuals and professionals. In terms of power, you will not have any complaints with the products of this manufacturer. However, you must take into account the weight of the device which is generally high with this brand.


If you like German products, Kärcher is a must in the world of household appliances and appliances for maintaining the home and garden. When it comes to the purchase of your pressure washer, you will benefit from a product that respects the quality/price ratio. Moreover, there are so many models made by this brand that you will be spoiled for choice. Also, you can easily purchase the accessories compatible with your cleaner due to their availability.


Do you know the American group Stanley Black & Decker? Otherwise, it is a brand that promises you quality cleaners. Generally, his appliances are yellow and black. These are colors that are also reminiscent of Kärcher products. The main advantage of this market is the price it displays for its products. However, Stanley’s offer is only intended for individuals who wish to maintain small areas.


The Michelin company is popular because of the tires it manufactures. Nevertheless, you should know that it also offers affordable pressure washers. Although the choices are not vast, you will find some ergonomic models accessible for less than 200 euros.


To complete this ranking of brands, it is important to mention the Danish company Nilfisk. It offers cleaning solutions exclusively for professionals. However, some models are designed for individuals. Thanks to its strategy, you will have access to a multitude of pressure washers. You will also have the opportunity to purchase accessories such as brushes and nozzles. As for the price of the brand’s products, they are mid-range and high-end.

Tips for maintaining the pressure washer

When you have an appliance, it deserves to be maintained. You must therefore monitor the oil level on thermal models, descale the appliance, clean the detergent tank and keep the machine dry after use. However, the ideal would be to consult the reference of your pressure washer or karcher to find out how to maintain it. Indeed, there may be differences between the maintenance of the electric and thermal model. So you have to take that into account.

Internet users’ questions

How many bars do I need for a pressure washer?

The bars are indicators of your cleaner’s pressure. In other words, they allow you to know the force with which the water is expelled by the nozzle of your device. On the market, you will find equipment with a pressure between 100 and 250 bars. If you need a cleaner with higher pressure, you need to consider the water flow. By comparing these two criteria, you will find the device that suits your needs.

Which detergent to use with a pressure washer?

Not just any detergent can be used with a pressure washer. When you plan to perform outdoor maintenance, you should turn to biodegradable products that respect the environment. Some brands of cleaners offer detergents at the same time as their device. You can buy them to use your equipment in an optimal way. There are also versatile products that you can use for a multitude of surfaces.

Ultimately, the pressure washer is a device that will help you maintain your patio, your car or your garage efficiently. That’s why you absolutely must get it. Also, you must take into account the different criteria mentioned in this article.

What spray nozzle should I use?

Most pressure washers come with a variety of nozzles, each color coded for a particular spray pattern. Here are the general guidelines:

  • The red nozzle creates a highly concentrated and powerful jet of water. Best used for cleaning very stubborn stains or dried-on materials on hard surfaces, such as concrete or steel.
  • The yellow nozzle creates a 15 degree spray angle, which is a narrow fan suitable for removing dried mud, stubborn stains, rust, mildew or paint on solid surfaces, such as concrete or metal.
  • The green nozzle creates a 25 degree spray angle. This is the general purpose nozzle and is suitable for removing mud, leaves and other dirt from decks, driveways, siding, fences and driveways, as well as cleaning boats, automobiles and outdoor furniture.
  • The white nozzle creates a 40 degree spray angle, which is gentle enough to clean delicate items, such as flower pots, windows, blinds and automobiles. It is also very useful for quickly rinsing objects.
  • The black nozzle creates a wide fan of water at 65 degrees. This nozzle is generally used with detergents.

Should the Karcher be connected to a water tap?

Indeed, you will need to connect your pressure washer (Karcher) to a water source. Most pressure washers require a garden hose less than 5 meters long.

If you don’t have access to an outside water tap, you still have other options. The first is to use the water tap of your washing machine. These faucets are threaded the same as an outside hose faucet, so you can hook up the hose without the need for an adapter. You can also use a kitchen or bathroom sink. But since these are not threaded for hose connections, you will need a threaded adapter sized for the faucet as well as your hose. When using an indoor faucet, you will need to run your garden hose indoors through a window or door, so plan accordingly.

Conclusion: Which pressure washer to choose?

It can be difficult to know which pressure washer to choose, with all the different models and brands on the market. But by understanding the different types of cleaners and their features, you can make an informed decision that will meet your needs. Also thanks to our ranking of the best high pressure cleaners you will be able to choose the device you need according to your needs.

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