Best robotic pool cleaner: Reviews by Consumer reports 2022

Everything you need to know about pool robots

To clean the floor of the house, a vacuum cleaner is used. Regarding the swimming pool, the pool robot is used. This equipment is actually a waterproof vacuum cleaner, capable of sucking and therefore cleaning under water. However, the resemblance ends there, since both the controls and the materials of the 2 machines are different.

The pool robot has a shell containing a waterproof motor. A suction system and a manual waste recovery system are integrated, as well as a removable filter. Regarding the filter, it will be necessary to think about emptying it fairly regularly, referring to the frequency with which the pool becomes dirty.

It is possible to control the pool robot either by using an external dashboard that can be programmed, or by controlling it remotely. When choosing your pool robot, be aware that some models only clean the bottom of the pool, while others have the ability to climb up to the edges, so that they can clean the water line.

Pool robot: operation

As written earlier, the pool robot can be reminiscent of a vacuum cleaner. It must be said that like the other device, it is connected by a wire. Here it is a tube, which connects it to a hydraulic device outside. Regarding the dashboard of the pool robot, it is often installed at the level of the trolley. When you put the robot in the water, it sinks to the bottom, and that’s when cleaning is activated. To do this, it must be programmed using its console, but it is also possible to remotely control it.

Pool robots, whatever their model and brand, always have similarities. Thus, it works with a roller arranged in front, which serves them to trap the impurities which are in front in a filter. The pool cleaner may have the ability to pull itself up to the edges of the pool by suction, so that cleaning can be done right up to the water line.

It all depends on the model purchased. When the tank is filled, the pool robot pauses. It is then necessary to empty it, then to redo its programming. The pool robot has the ability to clean large leaves from the bottom of the pool. However, it is recommended to use a bottom landing net instead for cleaning large waste, in order to save electrical energy.

Note that the pool cleaner should not be used when the water temperature is below 16°C. On the other hand, once you have finished using the robot, it is important to let it dry properly before storing it. It is quite easy to use the pool robot. Also, avoid forcing when it comes to releasing the filters. Indeed, the walls of the machine are made of plastic. In addition, care must be taken that the wire is not tangled, otherwise the advance of the pool robot will be slowed down. Above all, don’t wait until your pool is too dirty or too cluttered to use your equipment, in order to avoid making it suffer too much.

How to choose a good pool robot? Important criteria

If you have a swimming pool at home, it is important to take care of it so that the water in the pool is clean and meets the hygiene standards in force. For a few years, there have been pool robots on the market that make your life easier by helping you clean your pool. However, to have an excellent result, you must choose this device well and to do this, it is important to take certain characteristics into account. We invite you to discover more details on the subject in the next lines to follow.

Under no circumstances should you choose your pool robot randomly as this risks being wasteful. To be sure to have good performance with your device, you must necessarily take into account certain characteristics before purchasing.

In fact, the choice can be made taking into account the type of cleaning, the measurements of the pool, the type of brush and the options present on the device.

The choice according to the type of cleaning

Not all pool robots on the market are made the same way.

There are indeed certain models which are capable of ensuring the cleaning of your entire pool of water up to the level of the line while other models can only clean the bottom of the swimming pool and the walls of the pool. bowl.

The choice according to the measurements of the swimming pool

Pool robots are actually sold with a power cable except for battery models. However, the length of the power cable is not fixed and varies from one model to another.

Therefore, it is important to take into account the dimensions of your pool so as not to be confronted with the problem of cables. It is therefore necessary to take into account the distance between the pool and the electrical outlet and add a margin for more efficiency. The type of swimming pool is not to be brushed aside.

The choice according to the type of brush

On pool robots, there are mainly two types of brushes, namely: the bristle brush and the foam brush.

  •       The foam brush as far as it is concerned is much more suitable for cleaning fairly slippery coatings. However, it must be said that it can be suitable for all types of coatings and we recommend that you favor it for more performance.
  •       As for the bristle brush, it is mainly suitable for non-slip coatings such as liner, polyester, etc. It is made up of PVC slats as well as non-abrasive pins.

The choice according to the filters

The softness as well as the number of filters present on the robot are crucial criteria not to be neglected. Indeed, when the filters are fine, it allows to capture the smallest dirt.

On the other hand, it will be necessary to do regular cleaning to prevent it from clogging. It is possible to find on certain models two pairs of filters. This is a real asset if you get a device like this.

The choice according to the additional options

There are certain models of pool robots that have a trolley or a remote control. You can also find both options on the same model, but it will be a bit expensive.

What are the advantages and various uses of a pool robot?

To choose a pool robot, the type of pool you have must be taken into account, because manufacturers design this equipment according to the variety of existing pools. To illustrate somewhat, there are swimming pools that are above ground, and in this case, it is enough that the robot is very efficient, even if it does not have great power.

In the same way, there are large swimming pools which are buried and which have a diving pit. For this type of pool, the robot must be able to clean large surfaces, both at the bottom and on the edges, knowing how to go up to the water line. Thus, the pool robot models that are offered on the market take into account the nature of the pools and their size.

It is possible to find models of pool robots, which work for above-ground pools, but also for in-ground pools. Admittedly, most of them have good value for money, however, when it comes to very large pools, they lose their effectiveness.

The different types of pool robots that exist

Since manufacturers take into account the different shapes of swimming pools to design the various robots, we suspect that there is a very wide variety on the market. To make a choice, it’s not easy, but comparisons and tests are now available on the net, to help you make the right choice. You can also rely on the different opinions given by people who have already used the product. The latter are able to provide relevant comments on the pool robot they have purchased. Here are some types of pool robots available for sale:

The hydraulic pool robot


When we talk about a pool robot, this means, among other things, that it does not use electricity for its operation. For it to work, we base ourselves on a broom socket or on a skimmer. The hydraulic pool robot can very well be manual. It can also be autonomous. When manual, you will notice that there is a broom brush that remains attached to a handle.

In the case where the pool robot is autonomous, it does not follow a route predefined by the owner. In reality, the autonomous pool robot simply follows the axis of its wheels to move. However, this can cause it to spin around a bit too much. However, the fact that it does not need a source of electricity to operate it is a real advantage for the hydraulic pool robot.

The electric pool cleaner


As the name suggests, here we clearly need electricity for the operation of the machine. Despite everything, the electric pool robot is a completely autonomous device, which has an electronic brain. The latter has several pre-programmable routes, which allow him to walk without any outside help. The only thing to do with such a device is to tell it what to do and it will do it. For example, you must specify to the robot if you want to carry out a complete cleaning of the bottom of your swimming pool. You can also ask to add the water line to the order.

Note that you have the possibility of modifying the trajectory of your pool robot, even if it is on the way. This can be done using a remote control that you find on some models. You should know that when you use your pool robot when your pool is not too crowded, it can work for 2 hours.

On the other hand, if the pool is too crowded, you will have to pre-clean the pool, using a bottom net. It is after this that you can safely use the pool robot. Don’t forget to empty and rinse the filter on a very regular basis. Moreover, you will have to stay as close as possible during the operation, in order to be able to empty the filter as soon as necessary.

The overpressure pool robot


If you are hesitating between the electric pool robot and the hydraulic one, then perhaps the overpressure pool robot could be of interest to you. Indeed, the latter is a bit like a mixture of these first 2 robots. It is in a booster that is placed in the “pool room” that the energy comes, and for the connection, this is done on the broom socket of the pool.

This robot takes care of removing all the dirt from the bottom of the pool, thanks to the flow it propels. As a result, the overpressure pool robot sucks the waste into its net thanks to the suction of the broom socket. Note that one of the main brands to have this kind of system is Polaris.

The overpressure pool robot, in addition to being effective for cleaning, is autonomous. It can handle all possible surfaces, and any pool. Obviously the above ground pools are included in it, as well as the very large swimming pools. The only catch we can find with this equipment is the fact that there aren’t really any competitors in terms of high pressure pool robots to really compare.

How are pool robots tested?

Long before being put on the market, all products of any manufacture are always tested beforehand. The pool robot is no exception to the rule, and has therefore been tested by professionals before being put on sale. Different points are considered when evaluating pool robots. Among other things, there is the price, the shape, the materials of manufacture, etc. For this test, we will consider a few points:

The suction capacity of the pool robot

When you buy a pool robot, it must be perfectly efficient and effective. Therefore, it must be able to trap waste in the pool, and this concerns the smallest dirt. Also, the device must not act up by expelling water when it rises to the surface. Dirt particles may then escape into the cleaned water. The pool robot should not turn around during its action either. Finally, he must be able to suck strongly and in a measured way. Otherwise, the liner could lift.

The strength of the device

When it comes time to get out of the water, the pool robot is often abused. Indeed, it may happen that during this operation, the hull is scratched or broken for example. On the other hand, the hull can suffer less when it is in relief than when it is smoother. At the same time, the filter of a pool robot is quite fragile. It will be necessary to be careful when cleaning, because it can be pierced under the pressure of the water jet. So make sure that the filter is thin and rigid.

Also, it will also be necessary to pay attention to the use, that your robot of swimming pool does not remove the tiling or the liner. It is true that there is often a guarantee, but it will only be useful to you if you have chosen the robot that corresponds to your pool, since each coating corresponds to a pool robot.

The advantages and disadvantages of pool robots

In general, there are positive and negative remarks that can be made about pool robots.


Already, it must be recognized that pool robots often cover the total surface of the pool during cleaning, when all is well. The fact of also cleaning the walls up to the water line is also a great asset. The pool robot traps all the particles, even the finest, and those who have a remote control can thus clean all the corners of the pool.

The work of a pool robot is fast and efficient, thanks to the powerful suction. In addition, the use is easy, and the instructions for use are clearly explained. Cleaning the filters is easy, just a simple jet of water not too strong to get it clean. Note that the pool robot even cleans the steps of the pool.

The inconvenients

Depending on the model, it may happen that the robot’s thread becomes tangled, which means that the pool robot cannot clean the entire bottom. Some filters clog too quickly, forcing the pool robot to stop frequently. Also, these are heavy devices, which are often difficult to get out of the water. Also, not all models have a caddy for storage.

For the foam roller versions, it is essential to squeeze the foams to remove excess water, before storing them. It also happens that the robot takes a little time to adapt to the pool, which means that cleaning can be long. At the pool stairs, some robots have more problems cleaning. Also, there are robots that can’t clean the corners of the pool.

What are the most prestigious brands of electric swimming pool robots?

Apart from the criteria for choosing the pool robot, the brand of the device must also be taken into account. The best designers are constantly making innovations in order to make the device more efficient with more and more impressive features.

The brands we have listed that we believe are the most effective on the market are: Dolphin, Zodiac, BWT, Hayward and Racer.

The Dolphin brand

It is one of the best brands on the market and it offers you a range of devices with unparalleled cleaning efficiency. These are devices that adapt to your needs, regardless of the type of pool.

The brand’s M500 model is designed to clean your entire pool, starting from the bottom of the pool to the water line and the walls. It is suitable for all coatings and is sold to you with a remote control and a transport trolley.

The remote control is equipped with a joystick to make movement control easier. There are also Dolphin models that clean above-ground pools.

The Zodiac brand

It is also one of the most successful brands and it combines intelligence, ergonomics and performance for your greater good. This gives you strong suction and remarkable efficiency.

The 3 main models of the Sony brand Alpha IQ, Vortex and CyclonX. These are models that can meet all your requirements.

The BWT brand

BWT robots provide thorough cleaning to keep your pool always clean. It offers you all types of models adapted to all circumstances.

The B100 model, for example, is suitable for pools of up to 60 m² and above-ground pools. However, it has the finest filtration on the market. Its rotating brush as well as its driving wheels accentuate its efficiency. Its power cable is 16 meters long and this makes it easy to move.

The Hayward brand

Hayward is also a popular and well-loved brand. It is a brand that makes real innovations and offers very good performance.

There are certain brand models that ensure the complete cleaning of your in-ground and even above-ground pool. The Tiger Shark model, for example, is available in a version with foam brushes and another version with bristle brushes.

Buying a pool robot: what to watch out for?

To begin with, the model you are buying must correspond perfectly to your pool. Similarly, you should know that a high price does not guarantee the purchase of the best robot there is. Your acquisition must be able to clean the bottom of the basin at least. For the rest, you can always use special pool sponges.

Take care that the pool robot does not throw particles into the water, and does not damage the coating. Also pay attention to its storage, and the difficulties it could present for you. Note that it’s important to shelter a pool robot in the winter, so think about where you’ll be storing it, and if size won’t be an issue. Also make sure that the pool cleaner has the ability to shut itself off once cleaning is complete. It must also be able to stop when full.

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