How to choose your robot lawn mower for 2000 m2

Have you decided of your own free will to get a robot lawn mower? If so, this is an initiative that deserves to be welcomed. When you have a garden or a large area of ​​land in your home, you need to take care of it. To do this, there is no better device than a robot lawn mower. In addition to completing tasks in a short time, it will allow you to take care of other more important activities. However, to best use your device on your lawn, you need to make sure you select the best possible model.

Fortunately, there are criteria you can consider to achieve this. What are they ? Discover in this article the best models suitable for a plot of 2000 m2 as well as the parameters to pay attention to when choosing them.

What are the advantages of buying a robot mower to mow 2000 m2?

Summer and spring are the times of the year when you will find the most pleasure in being outdoors. With the sun and the sun’s rays caressing your skin, you can sunbathe around the pool or in your garden. With your family or friends, you will have the opportunity to organize barbecues. You will see the children walking all over your property and you will feel this sweet smell caressing your nostrils.

To enjoy beautiful days outside, you need to find the right place. The garden is the place that can welcome you. Unfortunately, due to lack of maintenance, you cannot organize barbecues during the summer. This is the reason why manufacturers have thought of making robot mowers. In addition to offering comfort, these are equipment that will save you time. Discover here the advantages of acquiring such a tool for your garden.

The robot lawn mower is autonomous and silent

Do you live in a fairly quiet residential area? If so, you probably chose this place because of the calm that prevails there. Your neighbors also bought their house to avoid noise from traffic or subways. When it’s time to take a nap or enjoy a relaxation session, silence is the only thing they need.

Unfortunately, by opting for a conventional mower, you will emit a lot of noise, which can affect your ties with the neighborhood. This is the reason why you should naturally turn to robotic mowers. These are devices known for their low noise pollution. While your machine mows your lawn, it will emit as little noise as possible. Thanks to its fully electric motor, it will be discreet and it will cut the grass autonomously. You can install your robot lawn mower on your own or contact a professional. 

Either way, after it is set up, it will take care of your lawn without your help. All you have to do is watch it do the work while you take care of the other important chores around the house. By using the application adapted to the robot lawn mower, you can select the working hours you want. Even at night, your device will keep your garden clean. You will just have to find out the next day.

The robot lawn mower is environmentally friendly

When you are on your deckchair in your garden, you want to enjoy the calm. Pollution is the last thing you want to deal with. By buying a thermal mower, you will unfortunately have to get used to it. Indeed, it emits noise and pollutes with smoke. To avoid encountering such problems, you must choose a robot lawn mower. 

This device has an electric motor. You will therefore avoid smoke pollution which can affect your lungs. You will also reduce noise since this device is known for its silence. If you are involved in efforts to protect the planet, the robot lawn mower is what you need.

What’s even more impressive about this tool is that it maintains your land for you. Being tireless, it goes back and forth without your help. Thanks to its repeated passages over the entire surface of your garden, it will carry out “micro-mulching”. This means that it will very finely cut the herbs that have grown in your garden. They are then placed directly on the lawn. It therefore serves as a fertilizer that promotes the regrowth and shine of your lawn.

In addition to considerably reducing the waste on your land, you will no longer have to buy bags. Micro-mulching will also prevent you from throwing grass residues in the baskets located at the bottom of your garden. You can simply leave them on your lawn and enjoy the impact they will have on it. In other words, the robot lawn mower is a device that contributes doubly to the maintenance of your garden. If you are looking for an ecological tool, it is difficult to ignore this practical electric machine.

The robot lawn mower is connected and secure

There are a multitude of classic robot mowers on the market. However, connected models began to gain popularity. This is mainly due to all their features which will give you lots of benefits. For example, in the event of an unforeseen event, your device can inform you through the application that you will have installed on your tablet or on your smartphone.

During the mowing of your lawn, it can happen that a branch is unhooked from a tree and falls on your robot lawn mower. In such a circumstance, the latter will send a notification that you can consult to be aware of the situation. If you move away from the work area, the device will also send you signals. So you can get up to analyze the situation and restore order. 

The icing on the cake is that there are models that you can remote control like a remote control car. With such benefits, mowing your lawn has never been easier. Finally, some models are equipped with security PIN codes that prevent children from starting the device and hurting themselves.

The robot lawn mower is easy to put into operation

With or without perimeter wire, you must call a specialist to commission your robot lawn mower. When he arrives, he will take care of many tasks. Among other things, he will have to install the perimeter wire in the ground or on the stakes, delimit the mowing area and set up the charging station for your robot lawn mower. If your tool works without a cable, he will have to program your electric machine for optimal commissioning. 

There are many professionals you can consult for this task. Just go online and you’ll be spoiled for choice. Avoid amateurs who can achieve poor quality service. This affects the performance and mowing quality of your robot lawn mower. So be careful!

The criteria for selecting a robot lawn mower for its 2000 m2 plot

When you have decided to choose the best possible robot lawn mower for your 2000 m2 plot, you have to be meticulous. This is a significant expense that you must make profitable. To do this, you must take into account a set of essential criteria. For example, the size of your garden is important. On a plot of 750 m2, a mower of 500 m2 will not be able to do the job. You must therefore measure your land to ensure that it is really 2000 m2. Thus, you will be able to select the robot intended for this surface. Apart from this not insignificant parameter, there are a multitude of details to take into account.

The type of mower for the area of ​​2000 m2

There are many major brands specializing in the sale of gardening equipment. On the internet, it is therefore logical to find a multitude of different robot mowers. Unfortunately, not all of these models can be used in the same way. Each lawn needs a specific connected device that will maintain it. For your garden of 2000 m2, you must choose a format that suits this surface. In case you want to avoid evaluation errors, turn to models of 2500 m2 robot lawn mowers. If you opt for a model intended for a 1500 m2 plot, mowing will not be optimal. So be meticulous!

The ease of use and programming of the mower

The objective of buying the robot lawn mower is to make your work on your lawn easier. With such a device, you will carry out the maintenance of your land of 2000 m2 without any difficulty. If you want to make the right choice of gardening tools, you must rely on its ease of use. There is no point in acquiring a machine that you cannot use as you see fit. So opt for models that you can easily program. 

Several formats of robot mowers available on the market can be controlled remotely. However, you must install an application on your tablet or smartphone to take control of it via Bluetooth or Wifi.

With a quality robot lawn mower, you no longer need to hire a gardener to take care of your lawn in your absence. You can go on vacation with peace of mind. To do this, simply choose the days and times for mowing your land. Some manufacturers have fitted their products with rain sensors. The latter is triggered when it rains and it automatically stops mowing. This is interesting when you want to extend the life of your new jewelry.

The life of the mower

Having a large garden is not always easy. If you had a traditional mower, you would be exhausted in no time. This is the reason why you should opt for robots with excellent autonomy. Thus, they will be able to cover all the surface you want as soon as possible.

By buying a device with a battery with low performance, it will be forced to go and recharge automatically at the charging station after a few hours of work. You will then be forced to wait several hours to see him return, which can be annoying.

To avoid achieving such results, you must select a robot lawn mower for 2000 m2 which has a substantial autonomy. In order to enjoy more efficiency, make sure the battery inside your machine is lithium-ion. Do not forget the charging base and check that the charging time is optimal. You will then save time during your lawn mowing sessions.

Automatic or semi-automatic models

If you opt for an automatic robot mower, it will go to its charging station on its own, unlike the semi-automatic model. You will not even have to intervene after its configuration that you will have previously carried out. All you have to do is set up your device and as soon as it finishes its lawn mowing session, it will automatically return to its charging base.

The weight of the mower

The weight of your mower is a detail that you must take into account when purchasing. Already to transport your device to your van or your car, you will have difficulties if it is quite heavy. In winter, you will also have to lift your device to install it in your garage or shed. You should therefore opt for a lightweight model. The formats available on the market vary from 6 to 20 kg.

On the internet, do not hesitate to choose the robot mowers that you will not have trouble lifting. Once you have taken this parameter into account, focus on the aesthetics of your gardening tool.

The aesthetics of your robot lawn mower

The last criterion to be mentioned in order to choose your robot lawn mower in an optimal way is its aesthetics. Although it is subjective, it is very important if you want your device to participate in the decoration of your green space.

Fortunately, this type of gardening tool has the merit of being elegant and visually appealing. On the internet, you will have the choice between several models. Colors, sizes, finishes and materials used, bring these elements into play to make an optimal selection of your new toy.

Questions asked by internet users

What is the autonomy for a robot mower for 2000 m2?

When you get a robot intended to mow the lawn on a plot of 2000 m2, it must have at least 3 hours of autonomy. This is the time it will take to work on your entire domain without having to return to the charging base during its session. The advantage here is that you save a lot of time.

For example, the Gardena 19065-60 Smart Sileno+ robot lawn mower for 2000 m offers interesting autonomy to its users. It is given to it by its lithium-ion battery. This device can therefore mow lawns with slopes of up to 36° without any difficulty. In addition, it will only take 3 hours to complete its work. Finally, recharging its battery will be done in record time.

What is the best robot lawn mower for 2000 m2?

The best robot lawn mower for 2000 m2 land that you can buy is the Worx WR155E robot lawn mower. There are several advantages to acquiring this device. Depending on the height you have chosen, it will allow you to mow your lawn impeccably. Thanks to its rather interesting features, the Worx WR155E robot lawn mower can descend slopes of 35 °.

To use it optimally, you must use the free downloadable mobile application on your smartphone or tablet. These supports will allow you to control the device remotely and you can program the mowing according to the times and days that suit you. Regarding its autonomy, it is quite interesting for large gardens, in this case those of 2000 m2.

Finally, this gardening tool has an excellent quality/price ratio. It is therefore the rare pearl that you were missing.

In short, buying a robot lawn mower for a plot of 2000 m2 is not easy to do. You should not only take into account a set of parameters, but also choose the right store. Anyway, do not hesitate to get this device to enjoy the comfort.

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